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Other Furniture Gas Springs

1. Display

The gas spring is usually installed to the LCD monitor arm, so that the monitor arm can be freely adjusted to meet the application requirements. It will be locked at the position where your hands are off. Clients choose gas springs of different force values, according to the bearing of LCD monitor arm. Our company offers gas spring solutions for the display support with bearing range of 2-9kg. The solutions offers convenience for clients to freely replace the displays.
Optional specification: BXB

2. Skylight

Both skylights and ordinary windows can use gas springs for easy opening and closing.
Optional specification: BXC

3. Window

With the support of gas spring, the opening and closing of windows can be freely adjusted.
Optional specification: BXC

4. Sofa

Gas spring allows users to adjust the sofa backrest to comfortable position.
Optional specification: BXA, BXL

5. Bed

You can fully make use of bottom space of the bed which has been installed with gas springs. The bed bottom is convenient to clean.
Optional specification: BXC, BXA, BXL