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Service FAQ

Q1: Do you have requirement about order quantity? What's your minimum order quantity?
A1: Yes. The minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces. For OEM service, the minimum order is 500 pieces.

Q2: What's your maximum output? Will delivery be delayed in the busy season?
A2: Thus far, we can annually produce 1,800,000 pieces, namely 150,000 pieces gas springs per month. Our second production line will be put into use in May, 2014. By then, the gas spring production capacity will be expanded to 400,000 pieces per month. Please rest assured that we'll surely deliver the goods within the specified period.

Q3: Each gas strut is sealed with PPE bags. 50 pieces are contained in one corrugated box.
A3: Each gas spring is sealed with PPE bags. 50 pieces are contained in one corrugated box.

Q4: Can you print our self-designed logo or our company logo onto the products?
A4: Yes. OEM service is available. You need to provide the proof of logo ownership as well as logo drawings. We don't copy other brand products.

Q5: What are the transportation methods?
A5: The transpiration methods will be confirmed when signing the contract. Gas springs can be transported by sea or air. You can choose according to the actual conditions.

Q6: Is your company convenient to send the goods?
A6: Our factory is located in Shanghai City. The air, sea, railway, or highway transpiration is extremely convenient. Our company has long term cooperation with many famous logistics enterprises at home and aboard. Anyway, we can arrange the delivery as per client.

Q7: How to choose a suitable gas spring?
A7: If you don't know about gas spring or have product drawing, you can tell us you requirements. Our engineers will design a suitable one according to those requirements.

Q8: Can you product relevant test report?
A8: Yes. If necessary, we can provide PPAP report for your reference.

Q9: What are BOXI products' advantages compared to those of other brand?
A9: BOXI fully focuses on product quality and service. We have won public praise through cooperation with many clients. High efficiency, reasonably priced product, and first class service are our advantages.

Q10:What benefits can your gas spring bring about?
A10: Our industrial gas springs are convenient to install and dismantle. It is maintenance free, and featured by less space occupation, low noise generation, large lifting force, and simple operation. It absolutely will make your product more easily operated.

Gas Spring FAQ

Q1: What is the inner pressure value of a gas spring?
A1: It varies according to different models and elastic force. The inner pressure can reach to 150bar or even larger. Do not dismantle a gas spring as you like. Safety accidents may be caused, if you dismantle it in an improper way.

Q2: Can extension speed of gas spring be set?
A2: Yes. The gas spring extension speed can be set in a certain range when designing. A designed gas spring comes with fixed extension speed.

Q3: Can gas spring piston rod be protected from damage?
A3: Yes. A plastic soft pipe or corrugated pipe can be sued to protect piston rod.

Q4: How heavy is a gas spring?
A4: Weight of a gas spring depends on its length and diameter. The conventional gas spring weighs 0.1~0.4kg. The maximum weight could be several kilograms.

Q5: What are printed on a gas spring?
A5: A gas spring generally is printed with safety instruction, model, batch number, elastic force, and production date. The mark can be specially designed according to clients' requirements.

Q6: What's gas spring color?
A6: The gas spring is usually black. As required, it can be made white or silver. Stainless steel gas springs are used in harsh environment.

Q7: Will gas spring be influenced by temperature?
A7: Yes. The gas spring elastic force increases with the increase of temperature. The force value printed on BoXi gas spring is tested when the temperature is 20℃.

Q8: What is the length tolerance of gas spring?
A8: Different modes have different length tolerance. Usually, the length tolerance is +/-2mm.

Q9: Why noise is generated when a gas spring is stretched or compressed?
A9: The noise is generated by gas spring inner oil, internal micro valve, or holes. The noise won't affect the normal use.

Q10:What is the force value range of gas springs?
A10: Generally, 50N~2000N. The maximum value reaches 7500N.

Q11:What are the connection methods of gas springs?
A11: Several types of joints are required for different applications. Conventional types are metal and plastic types.

Q12: Is BOXI gas spring maintenance free?
A12: Yes