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Environment Protection

All BOXI employees are committed to effective environmental management.

1. Water and electricity saving is everyone's responsibility. Office workers consciously turn off the lights and air conditioners by the end of the day. Close computer monitor when they leave their seats for some time. Most offices are paperless. Workers switch off water and electricity, if there is no need of water and electricity.

2. As a dedicated and experienced industrial gas spring manufacturer and supplier, we implement production in strict compliance with the technological standards, so as to decrease the waste. Gas spring is a special product, as it only can be disposed as waste materials once unqualified. We decompose the scrapped gas springs and treat different parts with different methods. Those parts that are reusable will be kept. Production technology, no doubt, has been consistently updated. On the premise of ensuring high product quality, we adopt clean, effective auxiliary materials and up-to-date equipment for processing gas springs, thereby minimizing emission and prolonging service cycle of auxiliary materials.

3. In the initial stage of product design, we negotiate with clients and suggest using environmental raw materials. In addition, the parts from suppliers should meet the environmental requirements.

We treat environment management seriously. Every staff knows that environmental management is crucial for our living and working environment, and that environmental management is everyone's responsibility. Due to their efforts, our gas springs and hydraulic dampers have been approved by ROHS.