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Automotive Gas Spring

Vehicles when using, may be more or less affected by various external forces exerted by their moving parts. The uncontrollable external forces speed up the premature wear of vehicles.

BOXI has a wide range of quality gas springs solutions to the aforesaid problems. Our products can prolong the vehicles' service life, and improve the safety and comfort level for passengers.

1. The automotive gas spring makes opening and closing easier. It minimizes the abrasion possibility of vehicle parts.
2. It is easy to operate. No direct contact with the pressed parts is needed, preventing the operators and passengers from being hurt by manual operation.
3. Speed and force value can be changed according to the clients' needs.
4. The auto part is smooth in extension and compression.
5. Various gas springs are available to offer different solutions.
6. Our automotive gas spring is easy to install and dismantle. Rich accessories are available.
7. It is small and lightweight. It won't affect other operations.
8. It is maintenance free, and can be used of at least 30,000 times.