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Gas Spring Applications

Automotive Gas Spring
Vehicles when using, may be more or less affected by various external forces exerted by their moving parts. The uncontrollable external forces speed up the premature wear of vehicles.
BOXI has a wide range of quality gas springs solutions to the aforesaid problems.  

Furniture Gas Spring
The furniture gas spring lets doors, windows easily opened and closed. It makes chairs ascend and descend smoothly. Less noise will be produced. More importantly, your furniture will be extended in service life.
Our gas springs and dampers developed for furniture hold many advantages.

Medical Gas Spring
We have gas springs suitable for various types of medical equipment. Medical gas spring is critical to the smooth operation of hospital bed, trolley, infusion apparatus, etc. It not only maximizes the comfort level for patients, but offers convenience for doctors and nurses.

Box Gas Spring
Tool box covers may be too heavy to open with hands. The box gas spring can make tool boxes conveniently to open and close. It also offers support, and needs less space no matter how small the boxes are.

Fitness Equipment Gas Spring
The gas spring also has found applications in fitness equipment. For instance, it can be applied to gradient adjustment of running machines, pedal structure of treadmills, and chairs adjustment of integrated fitness equipment. You also can use it to the lid of skin drying machine. The gas spring can support tents, and makes them easier to use.

Other Industrial Gas Spring
Gas springs can be applied to the doors or support of equipment. It offers large supporting force, which makes operation safer and more reliable.