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    1. Swift and Sure Gas SpringA damping device is installed to its stroke terminals for the sake of safeguarding components and operators.
      Products of different sizes are available to meet various application requirements. This range of non-lockable gas spring is easy to install.
    1. Stop and Stay Gas SpringIt is freely locked. With this friction stop gas spring, doors and covered can be opened to specific positions.
      Though simple in structure, it offers the most cost-effective solutions.
    1. Safety Locking Shroud Gas SpringThe industrial gas strut is meticulously designed. Its protection shroud is securely fixed onto a rod, which won't affect its normal operation. Additionally, the low additional cost of product materials decreases the purchase cost.
    1. Gas Spring with Dynamic Damping As compared to standard gas struts, the damped gas spring has an additional core spring on its tube bottom. The core spring has damping effect to movement. Inside the tube, there is a special groove.
    1. Telescopic Gas Spring The non locking gas spring can maximally stretches to 400mm. That means it lets you open a door or lid to a larger space than a general spring does. Besides that, it can be used to lift objects to a required height.
    1. Adjustable Force Gas SpringThrough the adjustment, the non-locking gas spring can reach to the desired position. A standard variable force gas strut could be one-way or two-way force adjusted.
    1. Traction Gas SpringThe non locking gas spring is suitable for the industries including cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, office furniture, printing machinery, among others.
    1. Lockable Gas SpringWith the special piston rod and valve, the flexible locking spring can be freely locked at any required position. Its tight locking force is not so strong throughout the stroke. However, it has resilience when the valve is closed.
    1. Locking Gas Spring in Compression DirectionThe lockable gas spring has strong rigid locking force in compression direction, and almost zero locking force in extension direction. It can be locked at any position in compression direction.
    1. Locking Gas Spring in Extension DirectionIt has strong rigid locking in extension direction, so works stably and safely. The locking force in compression direction is zero.
      The force of the rigid locking gas spring in the direction of extension is customizable. A variety of end fittings are available.
    1. Adjustable Force Lockable Gas Spring On its pressure tube bottom, there is an additional mechanism which is used to reduce the gas inside the pressure tube. Through the gas reduction, the lockable gas strut can reach to the required position.
    1. Lockable Gas Traction Spring This traction gas spring can be locked at any position during the extension process.
      It has smaller size than compression gas spring.
      5. Many accessories are optional.
  • Hydraulic DampersThis damping device has found wide application in motor vehicle covers, car doors, and cabinets. Its look and outer design is identical to a standard compression gas spring.
  • Gas Spring PartsWhile offering superior quality gas springs, we also provide a great variety of gas spring end fittings and other types of gas spring parts, thus allowing our gas springs to be utilized in different environments.