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    1. Lockable Gas SpringWith the special piston rod and valve, the flexible locking spring can be freely locked at any required position. Its tight locking force is not so strong throughout the stroke. However, it has resilience when the valve is closed.
    1. Locking Gas Spring in Compression DirectionThe lockable gas spring has strong rigid locking force in compression direction, and almost zero locking force in extension direction. It can be locked at any position in compression direction.
    1. Locking Gas Spring in Extension DirectionIt has strong rigid locking in extension direction, so works stably and safely. The locking force in compression direction is zero.
      The force of the rigid locking gas spring in the direction of extension is customizable. A variety of end fittings are available.
    1. Adjustable Force Lockable Gas Spring On its pressure tube bottom, there is an additional mechanism which is used to reduce the gas inside the pressure tube. Through the gas reduction, the lockable gas strut can reach to the required position.
    1. Lockable Gas Traction Spring This traction gas spring can be locked at any position during the extension process.
      It has smaller size than compression gas spring.
      5. Many accessories are optional.

Locking Gas Spring

The locking gas spring is ideally suited to a wide range of applications in all walks of life. It is fixed by accessories to achieve easier closing, opening, and positioning. Our lockable gas spring is available with variable locking. Both rigid locking gas spring and flexible locking gas spring in the direction of tension or compression are available. With this lockable gas strut, chairs and desks can be adjusted to suit the body height of the individual user.

1. The locking gas spring provides the optimum weight equalization during the lifting, opening, closing, and positioning.
2. It can be installed at a fixed direction or any direction.
3. Its characteristic curve is flat. Consequently, it works stably even under high applied force or large stroke.
4. A wide range of specifications and end fittings are available for your choice.
5. The compact design allows the lockable gas spring to be installed in a space-limited space.
6. This locking gas spring is maintenance free. It can be used for at least 30,000 times even when working under heavy load conditions.
7. Absolutely, it comes with reliable quality, as it accords with ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.

Application and Classification
The locking gas spring can be used for angle or lifting height adjustment. We can offer gas struts with rigid locking in the direction of either tension or compression. Based on the structure features, we have single tube and double-tube lockable gas springs.

The locking gas spring for angle adjustment is a stepless adjustment part that can be widely applied to chairs, hospital bed, office furniture, etc. The product for lifting height adjustment is chiefly used to swivel chairs.