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Lockable Gas Traction Spring

Piston rod of this lockable gas traction spring stays at the place of minimum stroke length, when there are no external force control. Once under the control of external force, the piston rod moves to the point of maximum stroke. Therefore, this lockable gas spring is suited to some stretching applications. When the external force is removed, it can automatically get back to its original position, thus to realize the automatic closing of doors or lids. The lockable gas strut is convenient to use.

Features of Lockable Gas Traction Spring
1. The lockable gas traction spring is durable, since it can be used for at least 30,000 times.
2. Its resilience remains the same even after having been used for a long time.
3. This traction gas spring can be locked at any position during the extension process.
4. It has smaller size than compression gas spring.
5. Many accessories are optional.

Applications of Lockable Gas Traction Spring
The lockable tension gas spring is applicable for cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, office furniture, printing machinery, among others. It is the optimum choice for the backrest adjustment of swivel chairs.

Parameters of Lockable Gas Traction Spring
Model Rod Dia. Tube Dia. Stroke Total Length F1Force Value Tube End Connection Rod End Connection
(mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (N) (LB)
BXTL10040F1-A-B 10 0.39 28 1.10 40 1.57 236 9.29 100-
Connection Method A (Optional) Connection Method B (Optional)
BXTL10050F1-A-B 50 1.97 266 10.47
BXTL10060F1-A-B 60 2.36 296 11.65
BXTL10080F1-A-B 80 3.15 356 14.02
BXTL10100F1-A-B 100 3.94 416 16.38
BXTL10120F1-A-B 120 4.72 476 18.74
BXTL10150F1-A-B 150 5.91 566 22.28
BXTL10180F1-A-B 180 7.09 656 25.83
BXTL10200F1-A-B 200 7.87 716 28.19
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