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Lockable Gas Spring


The standard lockable gas spring can be fixed at any position to offer stability. Based on different client's requirements, it is divided into three types as below:

1. Flexible Locking Gas Spring
With the special piston rod and valve, the flexible locking spring can be freely locked at any required position. Its tight locking force is not so strong throughout the stroke. However, it has resilience when the valve is closed. This lockable gas spring is widely used to chairs and other furniture.

2. Rigid in Compression Locking Gas Spring
Under the function of special piston rod and valve, the lockable gas spring can be locked at any position. It only can be used with the rod pointing down. Its locking force is strong throughout the stroke.

3. Rigid in Tension Locking Gas Spring
A rigid in tension lockable gas spring can be used in any orientation. It comes with strong locking force.

Features of Standard Lockable Gas Spring
1. Our standard locking gas spring has strong locking force, ensuring stability and safety.
2. It comes with three types to meet different application requirements. It has numerous joints for you to choose.
3. It is convenient to install. It is fixed with accessories.
4. The force value can be set to meet actual use requirements.
5. This lockable gas spring needs small space. It won't affect the overall structure of equipment.

Application of Standard Lockable Gas Spring
This sort of lockable gas strut is suited to industries such as cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, heavy machinery, office furniture, printings machine, others.

1. Automotive industry: Folding Table, Center Console, Seat, Roll Bar.
2. Furniture: Chair, Hight Adjustment Table, Bed, Easychair, Sofa.
3. Medical & Rehabilitation Equipment: Easychair, Hospital Scooter, Walker, Doctor's Chair, Hospital Over Bed Table, Wheelchair, Swivel and Support Bracket, Hospital Bed, Treatment Table, Operating Table.
4. Transportation and Traffic: Forklift, Bus, Ship, Truck, Railway, Airplane.
5. Agricultural/Construction Machine: Driver Seat.



10/22 Lockable Gas Spring


Model Rod Dia. Tube Dia. Stroke Total Length F1 Force Value Tube End Connection Rod End Connection
(mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (N) (LB)
BXL10040F1-A-B 10 0.39 22 0.87 40 1.57 170 6.69 100-1000 22.47-224.72 Connection Method A (Optional) Connection Method B (Optional)
BXL10050F1-A-B 50 1.97 195 7.68
BXL10060F1-A-B 60 2.36 215 8.46
BXL10080F1-A-B 80 3.15 260 10.24
BXL10100F1-A-B 100 3.94 305 12.01
BXL10120F1-A-B 120 4.72 350 13.78
BXL10150F1-A-B 150 5.91 420 16.54
BXL10180F1-A-B 180 7.09 485 19.09
BXL10200F1-A-B 200 7.87 530 20.87
BXL10220F1-A-B 220 8.66 575 22.64
BXL10250F1-A-B 250 9.84 645 25.39
BXL10280F1-A-B 280 11.02 710 27.95
BXL10300F1-A-B 300 11.81 755 29.72
BXL10320F1-A-B 320 12.60 800 31.50
BXL10350F1-A-B 350 13.78 870 34.25
BXL10400F1-A-B 400 15.75 980 38.58