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Telescopic Gas Spring

Different from a standard compression gas spring, the telescopic gas spring is comprised of one piston rod and two pressure pipes. It works smoothly, stably through the stretch or compression of two pressure pipes, ensuring safety. The non locking gas spring can maximally stretches to 400mm. That means it lets you open a door or lid to a larger space than a general spring does. Besides that, it can be used to lift objects to a required height.

1. With weight of only 0.1 to 0.4kg, the telescopic gas spring won't add burden to the equipment.
2. It comes with a comprehensive range of specifications, for meeting different application occasions.
3. The force value can be customized according to the specific use.
4. This specially designed gas strut needs less space. If compressed, its length is only one third of that original length.

Applications of Telescopic Gas Spring
This non lockable gas spring can be used as automotive gas spring, agricultural gas springs, medical gas spring, or a height adjustable system for furniture. Applicable areas include trucks, agricultural machinery, medical machinery, heavy machinery, office furniture, printing machine, camera, etc.

Parameters of Telescopic Gas Spring

Type RodDia. (mm) Tube 1Dia. (mm) Tube 2Dia. (mm) Stroke (mm) Total Length (mm) Nominal Force F1(N) Body End Fitting (A) Piston Rod End Fitting (B)
BXTS06120264F1-A-B 6 12 22 120 264 50-300 end fitting "A" (selectable) end fitting "B"(selectable)
BXTS06130284F1-A-B 130 284
BXTS06140304F1-A-B 140 304
BXTS06150324F1-A-B 150 324
BXTS06160344F1-A-B 160 344
BXTS06180384F1-A-B 180 384
BXTS06200424F1-A-B 200 424
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