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Gas Spring with Dynamic Damping


The gas spring with dynamic damping is identical to a standard compression gas spring in outer design. Through making improvement on standard springs, it comes with dynamic compression and extension damping.

As compared to standard gas struts, the damped gas spring has an additional core spring on its tube bottom. The core spring has damping effect to movement. Inside the tube, there is a special groove. The movement speed throughout a stroke can be adjusted via increasing or decreasing the groove depth.

Features of Gas Spring with Dynamic Damping
1. Throughout the stroke, the gas spring with bidirectional damping supports adjustment on the movement speed. The force value can be designed as per customers' demands.
2. The product features simple structure. It is easy to install and operate.
3. It is available in a variety of specifications. Multiple end fittings are optional for this gas spring with dynamic damping.
4. Due to its small space occupation, it won't affect other operations.
5. The damping gas spring has a long service life, and is maintenance-free.


This gas spring with dynamic damping is ideal for cars, auto parts, medical equipment, heavy machinery, furniture, duplicating machines, photographic equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.



6/15 Gas Spring with Dynamic Damping 


Model Rod Dia. Tube Dia. Stroke Total Length F1 Force Value Tube End Connection Rod End Connection
(mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (N) (LB)
BXD06040F1-A-B 6 0.24 15 0.59 40 1.57 150 5.91 20-400 4.49-89.89 Connection method is optional. Connection method is optional.
BXD06050F1-A-B 50 1.97 170 6.69
BXD06060F1-A-B 60 2.36 190 7.48
BXD06080F1-A-B 80 3.15 230 9.06
BXD06100F1-A-B 100 3.94 270 10.63
BXD06120F1-A-B 120 4.72 310 12.20
BXD06150F1-A-B 150 5.91 370 14.57
BXD06180F1-A-B 180 7.09 430 16.93
BXD06200F1-A-B 200 7.87 470 18.50
BXD06220F1-A-B 220 8.66 510 20.08
BXD06250F1-A-B 250 9.84 570 22.44
BXD06280F1-A-B 280 11.02 630 24.80
BXD06300F1-A-B 300 11.81 670 26.38