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Swift and Sure Gas Spring


The swift and sure gas spring is the most commonly used compression gas spring which is normally in a extended state. That's because its cylinder contains high pressure nitrogen that produces force in extension. When closing or opening, nitrogen compressibility offers buffering effect thus to ensure safety of both equipment and workers.

The swift and sure gas spring mainly plays the role for supporting purpose. During the application, the gas strut only has the staring position and ending position. And it won't automatically stop within a stroke. According to different applications, the compression gas spring can be treated with some mechanical improvements, so as to achieve some specific effect. For instance, an improved gas spring can be locked at any position, and can realize double damping. Moreover, a protective cover can be added to the non-locking gas spring, for the purpose of safeguarding the equipment and operators.

Features of Swift and Sure Gas Springs
1. The swift and sure gas spring has stable performance. It offers a compact, high force solution to a wide variety of applications.
2. A damping device is installed to its stroke terminals for the sake of safeguarding components and operators.
3. Products of different sizes are available to meet various application requirements. This range of non-lockable gas spring is easy to install.
4. We can customize the force value which remains the same during the stroke.
5. The swift and sure gas spring has a long service life and is low in maintenance rate. It can be used for more than 30, 000 times.


1. Automotive Gas Springs
Hood, Soft-tops and Convertible Tops, Cargo Floors, Glove Compartment, Folding Table, Steering and Steering Column, center console, seat, roll bar

2. For Furniture
Kitchen Overhead Cabinet, Bed, Easy Chair, Drop Lid, Cover

3. For Medical & Rehabilitation Equipment
Easy Chair, Hospital Scooter, Walker, Cabinet, Wheelchair, Swivel and Support Bracket, Hospital Bed, Treatment Table, Operating Table

4. Swift and Sure Gas Springs for Transportation and Traffic Industries
Forklift, Fold-out window, Bus, Ship, Wagon Car, Truck, Railway, Airplane

5. For Agricultural/Construction Machine
Steering Column, Machine Cover, Driver Seat, Agricultural Machine.

6. Other Industrial Gas Springs
Wagon Car Cover, Cooling Counter, Awnings with Support Arms, Exhaust Flap, Skylight, Running Machine, Tanning Bed.



4/12 Swift and Sure Gas Spring


Model Rod Dia. Tube Dia. Stroke Total Length F1 Force Value Tube End Connection Rod End Connection
(mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (N) (LB)
BXC04030F1-A-B 4 0.16 12 0.47 30 1.18 80 3.15 10-180 2.25-40.45 Optional Connection Methods Optional Connection Methods
BXC04040F1-A-B 40 1.57 100 3.94
BXC04050F1-A-B 50 1.97 120 4.72
BXC04060F1-A-B 60 2.36 140 5.51
BXC04080F1-A-B 80 3.15 180 7.09
BXC04090F1-A-B 90 3.54 200 7.87
BXC04100F1-A-B 100 3.94 220 8.66
BXC04110F1-A-B 110 4.33 240 9.45
BXC04120F1-A-B 120 4.72 260 10.24
BXC04130F1-A-B 130 5.12 280 11.02
BXC04140F1-A-B 140 5.51 300 11.81
BXC04150F1-A-B 150 5.91 320 12.60
BXC04200F1-A-B 200 7.87 420 16.54