1. Non-Locking Gas SpringUpon request, it can be designed to be with variable locking mechanism. Also, additional functions including electric switches, stop function, end position lock, etc., can be integrated.
    1. Locking Gas SpringThis locking gas spring is maintenance free. It can be used for at least 30,000 times even when working under heavy load conditions.
      Absolutely, it comes with reliable quality, as it accords with ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.
    1. Hydraulic DampersThis damping device has found wide application in motor vehicle covers, car doors, and cabinets. Its look and outer design is identical to a standard compression gas spring.
    1. Gas Spring PartsWhile offering superior quality gas springs, we also provide a great variety of gas spring end fittings and other types of gas spring parts, thus allowing our gas springs to be utilized in different environments.

Precision Gas Spring and Hydraulic Damper Manufacturer

BOXI is your trusted expert when it comes to gas springs and hydraulic dampers! Our products are professionally engineered, which allows you to optimize opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping, and adjusting actions. As a dedicated manufacturer and supplier, we carry everything from locking gas springs to non lockable gas strut; and also from fixed force gas springs to adjustable force gas springs. Our range of compression gas springs and traction gas springs are designed for the most demanding applications from automotive and furniture to aerospace and medical. Our complete in-house production capacity makes sure we can meet all your engineering requirements by offering a complete range of industrial gas spring solutions. OEM and custom made services are available by request. Contact with one of our gas strut specialists if you need some help deciding which is the right model and type for you.

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  • Service
  • We can directly arrange the production according to the drawings or samples offered by clients. Upon request, we can also offer custom made gas spring design service, and offer sample production service as well. And then mass production is arranged, when clients have no objections ...

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